♡”The Bookworm” review

IMG_3984Title: The Bookworm

Author: Mitch Silver

Publish: 6 February 2018

My rate:★★★☆☆ 2.8/5 stars


This book is sort of stuffed one in which has mostly everything, a history fiction, mystery, political, romance and suspense. Story involves many historical people like Noel Coward, Hitler, Kennedy, Nostradamus and so on.

Larissa Mendelovg Klimt is a Geopolitical history professor in Russia who studied at a university in the US. She is one of the smart one that is proved as a soviet former chess champion. The story starts from her asked to translate 6 historical Dictaphone cylinders recordings that has hidden truth of the World War. Noel Coward and Kennedy conspired to artifice Hitler?
At the same time, Larissa’s twin brother Lev who is monitoring oil cultivating in Alaska finds his college died in suspect situation. It’s just a beginning of them both drawn to the danger.

Well, I have mixed feeling about this book. Some parts are very indulging, though other parts I found myself losing interest. There are many things happen and suddenly story gets boomed and turn to the action and suspense to the end. This book makes me willing to learn the world history more.

However…this is might be because of my lack of knowledge of history, I felt the things in this book just happen and it’s not come smoothly together, it seems inexplicable with not enough connection and motivation to the action in each characters perform.

As soon as I saw this beautiful book cover, I fell love with it. I wanted to like this book, but couldn’t get into it. This is one of the books I want to reread it later. 🙂

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♡”Death at the Emerald” review♡

IMG_3935Title: Death at the Emerald

Author: R.J. Koreto

Genre: Histrical fiction, mystery & thriller

Series: Lady Frances Eforkes ♯3

Publish: 07 Norvember 2017

My rate: ★★★★★ 5/5 stars


Such a remarkable story and also preferable characters.
I am giving my best shot at reviewing this brilliant book that is one of the best mystery novel I have read so far.

Lady Frances Efolkes is an aristocracy that her father was a marquess and now her brother. She is leading suffrage club in early 1900’s society. This story, as her first female consulting detective in London, begins from submitting by her family friend to locate Louisa who ran away from home to be an actress in a theatre 30 years ago. As Lady Frances pursues the trace of Louisa, she immerses herself deeply in this secretive mystery. Besides, she steps in glamorous theatre world to chase the discovery of the veiled riddles.

The plot has full of twists that fascinated and puzzled me till the very end of revealing which sets in dramatic stage appropriate to its splendid ending. Owing to the nicely done writing by author without revealing overwhelming hints, you can pursue the truth of this story by phase.

I am also charmed by the characters and cultural background. The behaviors of each characters who belong to different class society are very interesting. Moreover, Lady Frances is tempting to advancement of ladies in society, she rides on a bicycle, lives in elegant residential hotel for ladies, learn Japanese martial art and so on, even some of her behaviors meet with opposition of her marquesses brother. She is extraordinary and her efficient to people around is amusing. Speaking of people around her, the trusting relationship with her maid, Mallow who is always loyal also clever and also the romance and future prospect with her solicitor fiancé, Hal, such a kind heart he has, are my favorite.
The detective work that she making it samples by Sherlock Holmes is likable as well.

This is the first book I read of this series, as my craving of more mystery I have to start over from very beginning from its series soon.

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♡”The Green Line” review♡

IMG_3868Title: The Green Line

Auther: E.C. Diskin

Genre: mystery& thriller

Publish: 26 Norvember 2013

My rate: ★★★★★ 4.8/5 stars


This is a fascinating legal thriller book with engaging characters, written by the author who experienced in criminal law in her life. This is my second book of her writing, I read ” Depth of Lies”, and I love them both!! I normally don’t like the story that reveal the criminal at the beginning, but this book is something different. I still very enjoyed the fear and thrill on every scenes.

Abby Donovan is a lawyer at a big law firm, the story begins from her riding on wrong train in midnight, end up to get off in bad area where murder, drugs and gang things happen. She is so frightened to be in full of danger, subsequently she pops in a pub in which leading her to deeply involve in huge mess and life threatening without her knowing it.

Abby is a brave but also has weakness girl who has a scar in her past, hide her secret in her mask, and struggle to find what she deserves for. She keeps push herself in another skin, she lost her love because of it, however, she reveals herself piecemeal. She release her sense of sin and starts to live her own life at last. I’m pretty into her character. I usually don’t like to read struggling love story, though it’s not overwhelming not disturbing her involvement of crime. Her love to David is beautiful and I couldn’t stop expecting her happiness at all.

The thrill that she is involved in is not only murder, she also stands for evading obnoxious power. It is such a exhilarating story in which a lady throw the corruptions into confusion and bite them up.

I literally couldn’t put this book down, the last part comes up to like I predicted though still, seizing someone hiding the gap in law and beating weakness, is great thing to read. 😉

I gave this 4.8 stars!

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♡”A Cold Day In Hell” review♡

IMG_3832Title: A Cold Day In Hell

Auther: Lissa Marie Redmond

Genre: General fiction(adult), Mystery &Thriller

Publish: 8 February 2017

My rate: ★★★☆☆ 3.5/5 stars


Lauren Riley is a respected cold case directive and also she is a cohabit able single mother of two. On the other hand, she has bad habit to involved the relationships with guys who are good for nothing. This time, she works for a 18 year old boy through the defense attorney Frank Violanti, who normally takes her opposite side of the bench. As a parallel she investigate a cold case, she digs the evidences to change the disadvantage story for the boy who accused to strangulation on the rich and beautiful lady in her car, while her manacle husband is having affair.

The plot is thrilling and suspense . The evidences of boy’s case is lack of definitive, I couldn’t make my mind who has done it, and the big reveal made me startle even I know it may coming.

The investigation on cold case is good, though its deficient of twist. I was expecting the cold case would be full of discovery and mystery.

Lauren is a indeed cool detective and thoughtful mother. However, she always fall in love with wreck guys. In this book, as her private part, she is lost, weak and lonely woman. Her relations with ex-husband and ex-fiancé are halfway and unsatisfactory. I can say it’s something you will look forward to reading the continuous in sequel next book.

The Auther is a retired cold case homicide  detective. Im impressed the Lauren is the character based on her real experience. As it is, I’d like to read more about the investigation on cold cases in next book!

I gave this book 3.5 stars.

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♡” Edinburgh Twilight” review♡

IMG_3772Title: Edinburgh Twilight

Auther: Carole Lawrence

Publish: 5 September 2017

My rating: ★★★★☆ 4.5/5 stars


This is the first book of DI Ian Hamilton story which laid in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1881. The serial murderer cases begin from a young man who is discovered dead in the Hollywood Park, makes it look like he somehow fell from a trail. While detective is struggling to acquire the evidence except an unique and enigmatic playing card left on each cases, the Hollywood Strangler’s victims are rising at a smacking pace.

DI Ian Hamilton is very attractive character who is well educated and likes to quote from Shakespeare and Robert Burns books. He became a detective by his parents’ tragic death in fire and he is still hunted by the trauma and feels indignation against his brother who left him behind.

This is well thought and marvellously written story. The author gives you good details that decorates scenes, besides makes the characters more likable and comprehensive. As you read, the connection of characters get deeper and even more enjoyable. I especially fond of an urchin, Derek McNair who lend a hand to DI Ian.

” There was so much evil in a man, one hardly knew where to begin…”

The thrill of story hugely gripped me.
The investigation in that time around, without modern science made it slow and difficult to discover the evidence, even killing is very fast pace, the detectives have to use their own legwork. I felt their impatience as if its were myself.

What made me additionally attached to this story is the history background, how this story describes the life and situation such as rampancy of diseases and disparity of wealth in that age, even I got interest to the history of England and Scotland, owing to Ian’s aunt. I enjoyed and felt the noise and rustiness in that term in Edinburgh.

It’s a brilliant start of the series and I can’t wait to read next sequel, meanwhile I need to read this one again!

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♡” The Neon Lawyer” review♡

IMG_3715Title: The Neon Lawyer

Auther: Victor Methos

Gente: Legal thriller

Publish: 18 Norvember 2014

My rate: ★★★★★ 4.8/5 😉



This is my first time reading a legal thriller book and it enthralled me a lot! I am deeply into this book.


Brigham Theodor is a very fresh lawyer, he just straight out of law school and fatefully, find a hideaway firm after struggle to hunt a job. As a new attorney like him, it’s impossible to handle a felony, although his boss gave him a opportunity as his rumble potential. Subsequently, Brigham takes charge of murder case caused by Amanda Pierce, who is confronting a death sentence. Now, his attorney career truly begins…


This story is brief but it surely contains all the descriptions. Brigham has such a great heart and he is indeed hard working solicitor. I bet you can’t help cheering for him. However, I get nervous how this story is going to end since the case starts, because Amanda is guilty.She has the reason but murdered a guy. I didn’t want to see Brigham down. After he has been in disadvantage circumstance, he still has his heart as a humane parson. However, deeply struggling, concerning and dwelling.

The last court scene, I was immersed in the imagination. I felt like I am one of the jury. Such a beautiful and humane speech that comes to knock your heart. Made my eyes moist.

I often felt, in real life, attorneys who’s in charge of felony case, heartless. Who can stand the position to defend person who killed someone or something equally villainous. Though this book gives me different prospective.
I devour this fighting out facing to law injustice over the courtroom.

Highly recommend it!!

I hope the next one will be written soon!!


Thank you very much for reading my review!! Hope you enjoyed it!





♡”The Day the Angels Fell” review♡

IMG_3698Title: The Day the Angels Fell

Auther: Shawn Smucker

Publish: 5 September 2017 by Revell

Genre: Teens & YA

My rate:★★★☆☆ 3.5/5


A likable book. I am fond of the richness of this story.

This story is written in two sides which are past and present. I would have enjoyed more if the past story placed before the present one. I got a bit frustrated that present side spoiled the major events that going to happen in the past story. I wanted a little more surprise and beyond expectation.
However, I like the intriguing plot about the fight of good and evil, via two angels, over the mysterious Tree of Life. What’s more, “Death is a gift” is such an unique vision of death. That kind of gripped me what is that significance. I’ve never had that thought and such vision, so it’s interest me a lot.

I like the main character, Samuel’s best friend, Caleb very much. She shows me the courage, love and even devotion. On the contrary, Samuel isn’t a hero type. He is possessed by malice sometimes, though this made the last more beautiful.

This is very much likable and beautiful story, how the young boy struggle to accept the fact that all are fated to die and this book describes beautifully how they face to it through the adventure.

I rate this book as 3.5 stars. This one is hard to assess, so far, I have changed my mind a couple of times.

“The Day the Angels Fall” is going to publish on 05/Sep/2017.

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“Depth of Lies” review

IMG_3697Book title: Depth of Lies

Auther: E.C. Diskin

publish: 26 September 2017

Genre: General fiction, Mystery & Thriller

My Rate: ★★★★☆ 4.5/5


A brilliant book, absolutely a page turner!

This story starts from the death of Shea Walker and her close friend, Kat Burrows wants to know what on earth led Shea to the sordid end. As she pursuits the truth of Shea, she also begins to reveal the everyone’s secrets in her circle of friends.


—everyone wore a mask of some kind.

No one escaped life’s rough water—


This story attaches you to keep guessing the truth, so many suspicious circumstances are interspersed.

I am also fond of the relationship surrounding Kat. They support each other a lot not only gossiping. Nice friendship and partnership♡

I really enjoyed this very book, every lies and secrets gripped me till the end.

Highly recommend it!!

This book is going to publish on 26th September 2017❤️

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