♡”Shame On You” review♡


Title: Shame On You

Author: Amy Heydenrych

Genre: Mystery& thriller, Women’s fiction

Publish: 26 July 2018

My rating: ★★★☆☆ 3.8/5.0 stars


It took me a little while to grip me on the story but this is a new type of thriller that presented an issue of social media and I really enjoyed it.


Holly has became a celebrity blogger through her cancer fighting by posting a vegan diet on the Internet. Although many people gather around her and support her over the internet, one day, she was attacked by a stranger and got slushed her beautiful face. The attacker, Tyler holds firm on destroying Holly’s fame and her lies begin to exposed.


The story is real that explore the negative effects and obsession of social media that happens everywhere nowadays. How online could give huge influence to the people and the malicious reacts from the audiences. I enjoyed the thrill that Holly being put in the spot by Tyler and people even her supporters.

Holly and Tyler are narrators and they both have psychological problems. Although I enjoyed the story, the reason why I gave this book 3.8 stars is I couldn’t emphasize either of them. The people around those main characters are very nice that show the contrast.

As I was getting close to the last page, I was wondering how this story is going to end. The ending reveals the true Holly herself. On the social media, we sometimes pretend to be people that others like us to be.

This book gave me thrills and also taught me the dark side of social media that could happen around myself.

I marked this book as 3.8 stars.

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♡” Forget Me Not” review♡


Title: Forget Me Not

Author: Kierney Scott

Genre: General fiction, Mystery& Thriller

Publish: 27 November 2017


This is the first series of FBI Detective Jess Bishop’s case which is about very creepy psycho serial killer. I’d heard good things about this book, though I must admit, it didn’t really do it for me.

Jess Bishop is working on a case that women were murdered and dismembered. More insane is the killer seems keeping their head. Simultaneously, her previous partner, Jamison whom Jess has feeling, is back to the team again after his undercover operation. It seems like back to the old days, however Jamison’s private has changed and that distract Jess.
Jess has dark past that she’ve built the wall around her and pushing people away to lock it as a secret. As her past involved to the case, she is not only cope with its investigation but her past and her private life.

I have mixed feeling about Jess. She is likable and how her secretive past effects her behaviour is interesting but she irritates me a bit. Although Jess is a talented detective, when it comes to Jamison she becomes dodgy. I could say involving her romance makes her distrusts of people more explicit and effective to the plot, equally I fed up a little.

The balance of the story of the investigation part and the characters lives don’t work for me. I wanted to read more investigation things going on and gets it more close to the killer. Well, the killer is very predictable and what made me disappoint is its revealing. It fell too flat for me.

I gave 3.5 stars out of 5.0. It was good fast pace read and interesting human drama. I like the very ending that Jess starts to change her opinion for people around her.

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♡”The Cruel Prince” Review♡


Title: The Cruel Prince

Author: Holly Black

Genre: Fantasy, YA

Publish: 2 January 2018

My rating: ★★★★★ 4.8/5.0 stars

This is the first book I’ve finished reading in 2018! I actually finished reading this before its publishing day, though I was super super busy at the moment. Now I can finally have time to write the review on my blog♡

This book is a real page turner! I was totally engrossed by the first chapter and it gets better and better whole the way through. I’m so sad that I’ve finished this book, I crave its sequel right now!!

The faerie world is beautiful and mysterious that been built up so well. All the characters are intriguing and individual. The personality of faeries is interestingly wicked and never get bored.
The story is a bit slow pace till half way through, but it’s necessary part to get to know its world and the connection of the characters at the end.

As I like lady main character who has strong mind, Jude is fascinating! She is a human but living in faerie world. She and her twin sister and half faerie sister are all raised by the faerie general, Madoc who is their murder of their parents. In the first chapter, I thought I will prefer the half faerie sister, Vivi. However, Jude was more than that! She doesn’t have special skill like faeries, so she keeps struggling to make her strong and trying to find her role in its world. Her bravado and even setback make the story more delight.
Jude’s relationship with her family is important and it sometimes gets complicated especially with Madoc. As the story goes, she discover her family more and more.


—Faerie might be beautiful, but its beauty is like a golden stag’s carcass, crawling with maggots beneath her hide, ready to burst—

I like the Jude’s romance part, sort of childish one but very gripping and I’d like to read its progress on the next book.

I gave 4.8 stars

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♡”The Case of the Deadly Doppelganger” review♡

IMG_4446Title: The Case of the Deadly Doppelganger

Auther: Lucy Banks

Genre: General Fiction(Adult), Mystery/Thriller

Publish: 6 February 2018

my rating: ★★★★☆ 4.0/5.0 stars


This book is the second in the series, Dr Ribero’s Agency of the Supernatural but I haven’t read the first one, hence it took time to get into this world. However, I’m deeply immersed in this well written spiritual setting.

Kester Lanner is a new member of the Ribero’s supernatural agency and the agency copes with spirits in secret. The team are given the job to solve the murder that the elderly people are dying in Lyme Regis and they saw double of themselves right before they die. Is the malevolent Doppelgänger raging there? The team gets another task not only deal with the spirit but the rival agency, Larry Higgins, as it’s a joint investigation.

Do you believe the spirits? I am more like the person who believes in science, but I also like to watch or read the things involve them. I enjoyed watching the drama,”Supernatural” and I think the basic setting is similar to that world.

I enjoyed reading this supernatural mystery book, story moves very fast and the setting is interesting. This is the world in which have the supernatural being, but people doesn’t know about. The members of team have their own individual ability to cope with spirits and Kester, himself is a gate opener, who succeeded only once, to spiritual world to send them back. Although the plot is predictable, the setting is gripping enough!

The quirky characters are likable. The team is like a cozy family, they enjoy pulling each other’s leg all the time. Full of bitter sarcasms though they are wittyly fun and making the story more amusing.

This story ends on the cliff-hanger, I already can’t wait to read the third one to know what happen and what sort of spirit is involved in next!!

Thank you Amberjack Publishing via NetGalley for the advance reading copy of this book.

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♡” The Toymakers” review♡



Title: The Toymakers

Author: Robert Dinsdale

Genre: General fiction( adult), Sci Fi& Fantasy

Publish: 08 February 2018


My rating: ★★★☆☆ 3.8/5 stars


It’s been a while since I last posted my review! I’ve been super busy, though for the festive season I have to read something suitable and I found this book♡

Look at the cover! So adorable and it says “Everyone needs a little magic” 😆

Yap! I am one of the everyone, need some magic to escape from the bloody real life sometimes🤣


Anyway, here’s my review

The emporium is full of wonder and it inflame the imagination!

This story starts from the young pregnant girl, Cathy run away from her home to Papa Jack’s Emporium in London to find safely refuge for protecting unborn baby. There are unordinary magical toys that people craves to get and also she mets the sons of Papa Jack, Kasper and Emil, both are the toymakers. She gets involved in love, battle of ownership of emporium and even darkness of World War as well.

As you see, many people really loves this book, and I also immersed to the story of half way through. It’s such a lovely and heartwarming story in which has full of many sort of love, courage and curious magical toys. I like the description of the attractive toys, they are very fun to imagine them and make me want to get ones. I was gripped by the passion and each distinctive skills of toymakers to create the fantastic toys. I also enjoyed the young characters how they cope with the birth. I could feel the love, agitation and happiness in the corse of the process.

When the story gets to the darkness, I like some part but I found myself not attached any more. The characters fall apart and they become different. I wanted to know more about the feelings of the characters because I felt, in some part, Cathy just follows to what other people do ,even it’s very confusing sort of things, without any her opinion and feeling.
It took me long to finish this book, though the ending is beautiful that what I wanted to read. It’s such a likable story and I really like the way of the writing.

I gave 3.8 stars to this book

Thank you Penguin Random House UK, Ebury Publishing via NetGalley for an advance reading of this book.

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♡” Local Girl Missing” review♡

IMG_4017Title: Local Girl Missing

Author: Claire Douglas

Genre: Thriller/Crime

Published:  11 August 2016

My rating: ★★★★☆ 3.8/5.0 stars


Spooky and secretive story!

Francesca Howe is one hand, a businesswoman in London who inherits her family job and be admired from people around that seems like successful, on the other hand, her relationship is bogged down and her loving dad is life crisis in a hospital. She has been carrying sad burden that her childhood best friend, Sophie went missing out of the blue, and regarded as she was drawn into the sea nearly two decades ago. Despite all these years, she gets a call from Sophie’s brother, Daniel that Sophie’s body was found. As Frankie unwillingly goes back to her hometown where she has never liked, she starts to get into under threat. Now, what was really happen in the past begins to be out.

This story is written by two divisions, one is from Frankie’s sight of presence and the other is from Sophie back in the past. As the quarter of this story is left, I thought I know how this story goes. However, its ending caught me completely by surprise. Although I like the plot, the basic idea of the storyline is pretty clever, it’s not convincing to me that why the thing had to be this way. I wanted more satisfying reasons for that.

I hardly comprehend most characters till the end, couldn’t feel into anyone. At last, there was an aha moment that some of the things explicitly fit together in pieces and I get it why I felt that way. The characters didn’t come out as they seem to be. There are some foreshadowing interspersed, though I couldn’t perceive from my point of view which was vexing!

The ending is unique and different from the ones I’ve read so far and I pretty like it as its surprising truth. The story is mixed up with overlapping deceives and secrets, I enjoyed very much to follow the line to discover them at all.

I gave this book 3.8 stars.


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♡”The Bookworm” review

IMG_3984Title: The Bookworm

Author: Mitch Silver

Publish: 6 February 2018

My rate:★★★☆☆ 2.8/5 stars


This book is sort of stuffed one in which has mostly everything, a history fiction, mystery, political, romance and suspense. Story involves many historical people like Noel Coward, Hitler, Kennedy, Nostradamus and so on.

Larissa Mendelovg Klimt is a Geopolitical history professor in Russia who studied at a university in the US. She is one of the smart one that is proved as a soviet former chess champion. The story starts from her asked to translate 6 historical Dictaphone cylinders recordings that has hidden truth of the World War. Noel Coward and Kennedy conspired to artifice Hitler?
At the same time, Larissa’s twin brother Lev who is monitoring oil cultivating in Alaska finds his college died in suspect situation. It’s just a beginning of them both drawn to the danger.

Well, I have mixed feeling about this book. Some parts are very indulging, though other parts I found myself losing interest. There are many things happen and suddenly story gets boomed and turn to the action and suspense to the end. This book makes me willing to learn the world history more.

However…this is might be because of my lack of knowledge of history, I felt the things in this book just happen and it’s not come smoothly together, it seems inexplicable with not enough connection and motivation to the action in each characters perform.

As soon as I saw this beautiful book cover, I fell love with it. I wanted to like this book, but couldn’t get into it. This is one of the books I want to reread it later. 🙂

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♡”Death at the Emerald” review♡

IMG_3935Title: Death at the Emerald

Author: R.J. Koreto

Genre: Histrical fiction, mystery & thriller

Series: Lady Frances Eforkes ♯3

Publish: 07 Norvember 2017

My rate: ★★★★★ 5/5 stars


Such a remarkable story and also preferable characters.
I am giving my best shot at reviewing this brilliant book that is one of the best mystery novel I have read so far.

Lady Frances Efolkes is an aristocracy that her father was a marquess and now her brother. She is leading suffrage club in early 1900’s society. This story, as her first female consulting detective in London, begins from submitting by her family friend to locate Louisa who ran away from home to be an actress in a theatre 30 years ago. As Lady Frances pursues the trace of Louisa, she immerses herself deeply in this secretive mystery. Besides, she steps in glamorous theatre world to chase the discovery of the veiled riddles.

The plot has full of twists that fascinated and puzzled me till the very end of revealing which sets in dramatic stage appropriate to its splendid ending. Owing to the nicely done writing by author without revealing overwhelming hints, you can pursue the truth of this story by phase.

I am also charmed by the characters and cultural background. The behaviors of each characters who belong to different class society are very interesting. Moreover, Lady Frances is tempting to advancement of ladies in society, she rides on a bicycle, lives in elegant residential hotel for ladies, learn Japanese martial art and so on, even some of her behaviors meet with opposition of her marquesses brother. She is extraordinary and her efficient to people around is amusing. Speaking of people around her, the trusting relationship with her maid, Mallow who is always loyal also clever and also the romance and future prospect with her solicitor fiancé, Hal, such a kind heart he has, are my favorite.
The detective work that she making it samples by Sherlock Holmes is likable as well.

This is the first book I read of this series, as my craving of more mystery I have to start over from very beginning from its series soon.

Thank you Crooked Lane books via Netgalley for an advance reading copy of this book.


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♡”The Green Line” review♡

IMG_3868Title: The Green Line

Auther: E.C. Diskin

Genre: mystery& thriller

Publish: 26 Norvember 2013

My rate: ★★★★★ 4.8/5 stars


This is a fascinating legal thriller book with engaging characters, written by the author who experienced in criminal law in her life. This is my second book of her writing, I read ” Depth of Lies”, and I love them both!! I normally don’t like the story that reveal the criminal at the beginning, but this book is something different. I still very enjoyed the fear and thrill on every scenes.

Abby Donovan is a lawyer at a big law firm, the story begins from her riding on wrong train in midnight, end up to get off in bad area where murder, drugs and gang things happen. She is so frightened to be in full of danger, subsequently she pops in a pub in which leading her to deeply involve in huge mess and life threatening without her knowing it.

Abby is a brave but also has weakness girl who has a scar in her past, hide her secret in her mask, and struggle to find what she deserves for. She keeps push herself in another skin, she lost her love because of it, however, she reveals herself piecemeal. She release her sense of sin and starts to live her own life at last. I’m pretty into her character. I usually don’t like to read struggling love story, though it’s not overwhelming not disturbing her involvement of crime. Her love to David is beautiful and I couldn’t stop expecting her happiness at all.

The thrill that she is involved in is not only murder, she also stands for evading obnoxious power. It is such a exhilarating story in which a lady throw the corruptions into confusion and bite them up.

I literally couldn’t put this book down, the last part comes up to like I predicted though still, seizing someone hiding the gap in law and beating weakness, is great thing to read. 😉

I gave this 4.8 stars!

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♡”A Cold Day In Hell” review♡

IMG_3832Title: A Cold Day In Hell

Auther: Lissa Marie Redmond

Genre: General fiction(adult), Mystery &Thriller

Publish: 8 February 2017

My rate: ★★★☆☆ 3.5/5 stars


Lauren Riley is a respected cold case directive and also she is a cohabit able single mother of two. On the other hand, she has bad habit to involved the relationships with guys who are good for nothing. This time, she works for a 18 year old boy through the defense attorney Frank Violanti, who normally takes her opposite side of the bench. As a parallel she investigate a cold case, she digs the evidences to change the disadvantage story for the boy who accused to strangulation on the rich and beautiful lady in her car, while her manacle husband is having affair.

The plot is thrilling and suspense . The evidences of boy’s case is lack of definitive, I couldn’t make my mind who has done it, and the big reveal made me startle even I know it may coming.

The investigation on cold case is good, though its deficient of twist. I was expecting the cold case would be full of discovery and mystery.

Lauren is a indeed cool detective and thoughtful mother. However, she always fall in love with wreck guys. In this book, as her private part, she is lost, weak and lonely woman. Her relations with ex-husband and ex-fiancé are halfway and unsatisfactory. I can say it’s something you will look forward to reading the continuous in sequel next book.

The Auther is a retired cold case homicide  detective. Im impressed the Lauren is the character based on her real experience. As it is, I’d like to read more about the investigation on cold cases in next book!

I gave this book 3.5 stars.

Thank you Midnight Ink via NetGalley for an advance reading copy of the book.

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